With gratitude for the generosity and hard work of my parents Tom and Mary Lasater, and for the generosity of my brother Brian Lasater who loved the ranch as I do, the Lasater Ranch enters a new phase.

I feel privileged to be leasing the land for grazing to Curtis and Rebecca Stanko. Curtis is the 3rd generation of Stankos born and raised in Elbert County, Colorado. He is also the 3rd generation of Stankos to have contributed their expertise to the Lasater Ranch. Curtis has an intimate knowledge of the land and the infrastructure and is a dedicated, knowledgeable cattleman like his father and grandfather. Rebecca is the fourth generation of area ranchers in the Thieman family. Rebecca and Curtis’s children are therefore fifth generation ranchers and each already has cows of their own.

A huge thank you to the area residents, businesses, and agencies who have helped me with their kindness, knowledge, and skills, as well as to dear friends and my beloved daughter for their support.

Sally W. Lasater